About HokmahWise®

The Brand

HokmahWise we aim to provide high-quality hair care products for all hair types – natural, curly, damaged with a superior standard at a revolutionary price.

Our Mission

We believe confidence is beautiful. Hokmah wise haircare range will help tackle the difficulties with all types of hair, to help minimize the use of extension that causes more damages to the hair follicles and the scalp, due to the challenges of maintaining their natural hair.
We will help you take care of your beautiful hair and have the hair you crave! For wholesale and distribution contact us through our contact form.

Our Story

HOKMAH WISE was first discovered when we started having hair issues like any other woman. We faced lots of problems with hair breakages, hair falls, fizziness, dry scalp, dandruff and itching scalp. Meanwhile, we were truly taking good care of our hair and scalp. We tried most of the hair care products on the market, but none was producing the results we were really looking for. During this period, one of us was diagnosed of Overactive Thyroid which attacked her Hormones and affected her hair in a very terrible way. She lost all her hair. In a bid to cover up the near-bald condition of her head, she started wearing wigs, indulging in hair extensions, weaves and braids. She spent large sums of money on these, yet they availed nothing. Her hair breakage and hair fall increased by 90%. In fact, she had hair extensions for over the period of a year with no increase in her hair growth or strength. She became more conscious of her hair and always felt low self-esteemed and dissatisfied about the state of her hair. There was no solution at all. It became a huge burden on us. We were frustrated. However, we started making an extensive research on how we can have a healthy and a stronger hair permanently. In the course of our research, we discovered that our hair needs more moisture, rich protein treatment, more products of natural qualities, which are natural oils and butters; water based products and less harmful chemicals. That was when she stopped all the braiding, wigs wearing, extensions and the weaves all together. We all joined her using these newly discovered products and incorporated it into our daily hair care. In no time, the results were superb, amazing and very astonishing. The softness of our hair and the growth were unbeatable. Our hair got healthier and stronger each day. There were less-breakages; no more hair falls, all our hair problems were gradually eliminated. The results were visible. Friends and families began to notice the difference in our hair. So, the demands started coming in and all those that follow the instructions and use the products as directed see the immediate results.

HokMahWise® we aim to provide high-quality hair care products for all hair types – natural, curly, damaged with a superior standard at a revolutionary price.